Samstag, 12. November 2011

Franco's Freax: Translated versions of my last "Claycartoons" Part 2

The Crackerbarrelfreax and other Cartoons with the Freax in English!

Making Cartoons with Sculpey and Clay makes really fun...and certainly Bavaria and the Bavarians are such a great source of inspiration!

The Crackerbarrelfreax in: Alloholics Anonymous

The Bavarian beer, the Munich Beer Festival, the Roasted Porc Knuckles and the White and Blue coloured Heaven...that's Bavaria at its best!

The Crackerbarrelfreax in: The Moralizer

Our passion for football is indescribable...

Franco's Freax in: Three Monkeys

...and as you can see - we always think about our origin and try to investigate our roots!

The Crackerbarrelfreax in: Half of the Brain

Yes...We are... Bavarians...

Franco's Freax in: The Pisser

...that's it!

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